From 03/2012 we changed residence of our corporation.
Our equipment can handle surface mount devices with the following sizes:
0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206...., SOT23, SOT89, SOT122, SO8, SO16, PLCC4 - 84, QFP 0,5 mm, BGA

Printed circuit boards designed for SMDs should be delivered in panels, preferably with maximum dimensions of 420 x 250 mm. If the some elements are closer than 3 mm to the edge of the PCB , then the panel should have a clearance border.
We are able to assemble PROTOTYPES also delivered as single PCBs.

Minimum PCB dimensions: 40 x 50 mm
Maximum PCB dimensions: 420 x 300 mm
SMT populating capacity: 15 000 pcs/h

Our equipment:

Pick & Place Machine
Assembleon Opal XII

Pick & Place Machine

UNIPRINT - device for manual glue or solder paste application

UNIPRINT G02-V - semi-automatic device for glue or solder paste application
HELLER 1707EXL - automatic reflow soldering oven 7 Heat zones / 1 Cool
ASSCON VP 3000 - 28 - Vapor-Phase Soldering System.
The innovative inline soldering system operates according to oxygen free process. Components such as QFPs, BGAs, Flip-Chip and hybrids are processed with high quality results.
Mantis - optical system for visual control
ERSA Digital 2000 - multi-purpose repair station

Technological materials used for populating with SMDs:

Solder pastes:
  • Heraeus (lead-containing)
  • KOKI Company Ltd. (lead-free)
  • Qualitec
  • Heraeus

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